Zoolidays is a children’s book about the animals of a fledgling zoo that is about to close down due to lack of business. Since the animals are all in danger of losing their home they must think how to get the patrons to come back.

Giro Show

Nowadays, for an artist to attract people, it is not enough to have only canvas, paints and brushes; this is what motivated these artists into searching for something more exciting to present their art. Besides their favorite activities – illustrating books, teaching students art secrets – the most adrenaline they get is from painting while standing on walking stilts.

Trio Series

During my childhood I was surrounded by my three sisters or also two of my best friends – making us the three musketeers. The energy of three is a harmony and a completion. A series of three paintings comes naturally and often to me…

Need Art For Your Walls?

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Story Time Extravaganza

I, as the illustrator of the book “Zoolidays,” will be delighted to present the book to children – telling the story of how animals painted each other to save their zoo. I will act out the story of the book dressed up as the fantastic blue moose, one of the characters in “Zoolidays”.

Custom Murals

Why have walls if you can have murals?! I work hand in hand with my clients during the design of the custom mural, making sure that they are always happy with the depiction on paper before I proceed with my first paintbrush stroke on their wall. I suggest to my clients to first browse my the mural samples available in Gallery in order to see what I have done for clients in the past.