Charcoal Drawing HARMONY

Drawing “Harmony”

“Harmony” 36″X 30” Original Charcoal Drawing Unframed original; framing available. Call Rolandas for more info at (203) 494-6857 or e-mail using the form below.

"Zoolidays" Hardcover Children's Book Illustrated by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas

Children’s Book “Zoolidays”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type26″]In English Format: 9×11 inches, hardcover Recipient of the Tassy Walden Award Red Cygnet Press, USA Published: 2007 [/list] Zoolidays is a children’s book about the animals of a fledgling zoo that is about to close down due to lack of business. Since the animals are all in danger of losing their home…