Watercolor Illustration "JUNGLE"

33″X27,” Watercolor, 2010
Original Painting SOLD
Limited Edition Giclée Print Available – Visit my Shop

Funny, humorous, whimsical animal painting with a cow, worrier, hiding in a jungle and covering her face with a mask by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas

Watercolor Illustration "JUNGLE" by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas

Life is not always a rose garden; it’s a jungle out there! Only when you understand that and come able to protect yourself and your family against all monsters, only then, you are able to feel secure walking in the jungle. This wonderful, detailed and colorful composition of a cow as a worrier in a jungle reminds us that we are conquerors and not losers. This whimsical painting will fit beautifully in any environment and will brighten up any room in your house.

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