Painting “Siberian Moose”

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Watercolor Illustration "SIBERIAN MOOSE"

“Siberian Moose”
16″x20″ Original Illustration
Unframed; framing available.
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Watercolor Painting "SIBERIAN MOOSE" by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas

Watercolor Illustration "SIBERIAN MOOSE"

If you are a fan of surreal art, this comical painting will definitely be an important choice for your collection. The whimsical moose finds itself surrounded by friendly bees in the wide open siberian tundra. The only concern he has is to protect his non furry feet from the dangerous sting that will not occur. And so , you too will enjoy the harmony of nature amongst bees and moose, and the humorous scene will never fail to lift your mood.

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