Berry much mandala Velvet Unisex Backpack



The “Berry much mandala” backpack

Accessorise the comfy way and carry your essentials in style with this colorful, practical and modern velvet backpack designed by Rolandas Dabrukas.

Berry much mandala was created in the summer of 2018 in Lithuania. One of a kind design.

Rolandas is getting well known for making unique mandalas from real berries, fruit and vegetables. Each mandala cannot be created exactly the same way by no one even by the artist himself.

Materials:  100% polyester  velvet novelty one-pocket backpack , 100% polyester lining. Light weight.

Measuring 15.6 H x 12.6 W x 5 D inches / 40 cm H x 32 cm W /  Unisex. Size Medium .

Additional information

Dimensions 15712.65 cm


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