Children’s Book ” I am Different”



Hardcover Children’s Book
Illustrated by Rolandas K. Dabrukas

  • Format: 9×11 inches, hardcover
  • UAB “BALTO print”
  • Published: March 2016 Lithuanian language
  • Published: December 2016 English language


 “I Am Different” was published in Marh’16. It is for children between ages 3 – 10 years old, 48 pages with colored illustrations, text in English. 
With this book, you and your young child or friend will discover a beautifully illustrated fairy tale of friendship and love from award winning Lithuanian American author and illustrator, Rolandas Dabrukas. The story begins in a tranquil green meadow, with a green pond and a white-blossomed apple tree. All is new in Springtime. In the tree lives the storkling Ora and her stork siblings with their stork parents. All of the young storks are filled with joyful thoughts of learning to fly and learning to find a meal. Nearby, in the green pond, a baby frog – Tutis – is not so happy. He was born the only orange frog among so many green frogs.  Through spring and into summer, Tutis feels sad and nothing else but “different”. But, read and see, as his unlikely friendship with the storkling Ora begins, first with some real danger, but then through Ora’s great heart and love. See their playful adventures together with other animals that they meet across the meadow.  This timeless work of art will bring imagination and joy to your young child or friend from its many whimsical illustrations. Its story will be a lasting lesson of how we can overcome anything through kindness. Also, although we are all different, long-lasting friendship is easily discovered when we are willing to share happiness together in our own neighborhood, in our meadow.  This story is tested on children only. Warning – 100% of children were extremely touched by the little frog’s story in a heart opening way.



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