Whimsical Watercolor Painting “Secret helper”


Whimsical Art, Watercolor Children's Illustration, Cute Bear Cub, Gift for Animal Lovers, Framed Art Work.
This is an original illustration from Rolandas; children’s book “Zoolidays”.


“Secret Helper” (Original Illustration From Children’s Book “Zoolidays”)
12″x24″ Limited Edition Signed Giclée Print Available For $450
Original SOLD.

This is an original illustration from Rolandas’ children’s book “Zoolidays”. When you are so big as an elephant, so big that you could not even fit in the whole painting, and you think that you are doing the job all by yourself, you might not notice your silent helpers – in this case a little fuzzy bear cub. In this watercolor art work, the smallest whimsical details provide the needed components to complete the whole picture. This whimsical watercolor illustration will fit beautifully into any environment, for example, in a child’s room, a nursery or really anywhere else that you would like to provide happy warmth and this soft reminder about noticing the secret helpers in our lives.


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