GIRO Show was created by two professional artists – Gintaras Jocius and Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas.

Giro Show Creators Gintaras Jocius and Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas

Nowadays, for an artist to attract people, it is not enough to have only canvas, paints and brushes; this is what motivated these artists into searching for something more exciting to present their art.

Giro Show

Besides their favorite activities – illustrating books, teaching students art secrets – the most adrenaline they get is from painting while standing on walking stilts.

Giro Show on TV

The GIRO Show has been showcased at over 20 events throughout the Lithuanian communities of the U.S. and Europe during the past years.

Giro Show

The artists creative approach to each presentation of art to diverse audiences is exemplary of this team and continues to lead to its success.

One such performance, Live painting to the sounds of music, concentrates on the birth of a painting on an unusually-sized canvas right before the eyes of the spectators. All of their projects have been conducted with the highest standards of quality. Armed with creative ideas and an eager attitude for new challenges, the artists bring youth and innovation to show how classy art can be presented to an often finicky public.

The shows last for more than thirty minutes while the showmen spread colors in a very astonishing manner on an unusually large-sized canvas. They get their inspiration by listening to music (sometimes live music). They paint according to the rhythm they hear and the mood created by the music. Sometimes they act out what the music inspires in them (no telling what that could be).

Giro Show

In about thirty minutes a large canvas turns into a painting that is then auctioned off, with the proceeds going to a worthy cause chosen by the artists. Their non-stop schedule keeps them busy, but each time they dive happily into the massive undertaking of creating a novel and out-of-the-ordinary show. Their approachable demeanor, combined with their scrupulous attention to details and deadlines, makes the GIRO performers a one-of-a-kind artistic team. They have established a great relationship with each generation of Lithuanian immigrants and their progeny, including first-, second-, and third- generation leaders and members of the USA-Lithuanian community.

This program is geared to adult audience, but it is also greatly enjoyed by children sitting on the floor and creating their own paintings.

Giro Show
Giro Show

Gintaras Jocius is the producer of every show GIRO that comes up with and, since he is also a former athlete, no task is too big for him. He holds a degree in scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts (Vilnius, Lithuania, EU). His diverse portfolio includes everything from children’s book illustrations, canvases, portraits, murals, advertisements, and websites. By now he has completed over 50 children’s books and his work has played a leading role appearing in Lithuania’s top publishing houses including Alma Littera, Naujoji Rosma, and Tverme. He’s been the leading artist of graphic novels in Lithuania. His countless achievements have been well recognized in Lithuania as well as by the Lithuanian community of the USA and those across the world. Gintaras is also a wordsmith with talent for crafting thoughts and needs of any storyline into the clear, concise written word. He is also an expert in History, and as a freelance writer, he is the designer of a Lithuanian newspaper in the USA

Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas holds an M.A. in Illustration from Western Connecticut State University as well as a B.A. in Art (Siauliai, Lithuania, EU). Rolandas has authored and illustrated his first children’s book “Zoolidays”(published by Red Cygnet Press, 2006) and continues to refine his talents by creating characters, drawings and murals. His ability to create illustrations and designs continues to impress fans and new art lovers alike.
He has already influenced many of his students while teaching at Eastern Connecticut State University, New Haven University, Tabor Art School, and Guilford Art Center. Rolandas has quite a list of art shows, awards and recognition. He is an avid dancer, performing at Let’s Dance in Rhyth’m Dance Studio, and he is an athlete and actor, belonging to the Alex Scott Ballroom Theatre as well performing for the Lithuanian Theater in New Haven, CT.