Leran to draw with Rolandas

Art Classes For Adults
Privta art classes for adults

Let me help you to develop your talent.


It is open to all levels of experience, and I am trained to differentiate between different ability levels. Individual instruction and a variety of demonstrations will enable beginners, intermediate and advanced students to expand their knowledge and refine their art skills. Drawing classes are for those who have always wanted to create an art, but didn’t know where to start and for those who desired to advance to a new level of detailed work.


Even if you work in a group, I will give personal attention to every student, and at the end you will have a great artwork and the skills needed to tackle greater projects on your own. These are very special classes where you will experience the inspiration and healing art of drawing. I will cover the understanding of basic shapes (cones, cubes, spheres, cylinders, and etc.) and how they can be applied in drawing the nature, in still life and landscape. My classes will include a variety of demonstrations and individual instructions through the whole drawing process starting with sketches and ending with presentation of the artwork. You can choose to work with different media: pencil, charcoal, prisma pencils, ink, watercolor and so on.