Children’s Book “Zoolidays”

“Zoolidays” $20 – Hardcover Children’s Book Illustrated by Rolandas Dabrukas Format: 9×11 inches, hardcover Recipient of the Tassy Walden Award Red Cygnet Press, USA Published: 2007 Zoolidays is a children’s book about the animals of a fledgling zoo that is about to close down due to lack of business. Since the animals are all in…

Under the moon each gathered round to announce his new-found name

Painting “Under The Moon”

“Under The Moon” (Original Illustration From Children’s Book “Zoolidays”) 12″x24″ Limited Edition Signed Giclée Print Available for $450 Original SOLD. In this original illustration from Rolandas’ children’s book “Zoolidays”, the coming together of all under the full Moon is depicted. The weak and strong, the small and big, the frightful and pleasant, the predators and…

Unique Zoolidays T-shirt Custom Design by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas

Unique Zoolidays T-shirt

$26.50 – Unique Zoolidays T-shirt Custom Design by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas For stylish weekend comfort anytime, guys will want to live in this Fitted tee. Made of ultra-fine, combed ring-spun cotton, that gets softer with each washing. Lightweight for summer comfort or winter layering. Grab attention with this vintage fit that loves to hug skin.…

Hand-painted Mural "Tea Time"

Mural “Tea Time”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type13″] Title: Tea time Location: Redondo Beach, CA, USA Facility: girl’s room Dimensions: 118” x 708” [/list] This 4-wall mural with butterflies on the ceiling is all about love and joy! It includes two kitties who are in love and have their tea together, chickens who are best girlfriends, a panda in the…

Hand-painted Mural "Boy's Wishes" - Elephant

Mural “Boy’s Wishes”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type13″] Location: PANEVEZYS, LT, EU Facilities: Children’s Room Dimensions: 354” x 950” [/list] This mural I painted for a 7 year old boy’s room. All whimsical images were created according to little client’s wishes. I painted whatever boy loved the most and wished to see in his room everyday.