Zoolidays Infant Bodysuit Custom Design by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas

Zoolidays Infant Bodysuit

$18.50 – Zoolidays Infant Bodysuit Custom Design by Rolandas Kiaulevicius Dabrukas Babies will love creepin’, crawlin’ and sleepin’ in this super comfy, 100% cotton jersey knit Infant Creeper. Infant clothes shouldn’t be hard to change, so this three-snap bottom helps ease those nasty diaper changes. Great baby stuff for your special little one. – 5.5…

Hand-painted Mural "Tea Time"

Mural “Tea Time”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type13″] Title: Tea time Location: Redondo Beach, CA, USA Facility: girl’s room Dimensions: 118” x 708” [/list] This 4-wall mural with butterflies on the ceiling is all about love and joy! It includes two kitties who are in love and have their tea together, chickens who are best girlfriends, a panda in the…

Hand-painted Mural "Boy's Wishes" - Elephant

Mural “Boy’s Wishes”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type13″] Location: PANEVEZYS, LT, EU Facilities: Children’s Room Dimensions: 354” x 950” [/list] This mural I painted for a 7 year old boy’s room. All whimsical images were created according to little client’s wishes. I painted whatever boy loved the most and wished to see in his room everyday.

Hand-painted Mural "Animal Amphitheater"

Mural “Animal Amphitheater”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type13″]Title: Animal Amphitheater Location: Boston, MA, USA Facility: 4-wall mural of children’s room Dimensions: 120” x 950” [/list] Young children love to point and identify the animals, subjects and scenes depicted in a mural. This was one of the reasons that I chose an animal amphitheater theme so I could draw all kinds…

Mural "Fairy Tale House"

Mural “Fairy Tale House”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type13″] Location: Marlboro, VT, USA Facility: outer walls of storage house Dimensions: 118” x 708” [/list] Many childhood memories involves reading fairy tales with wonder of how cool it would be to live in a fairy tale house or palace. Inspired by fairy tales, my friend, famous artist Gintaras Jocius, and I created…

Hand-painted Mural "African Safari"

Mural “African Safari”

[list style=”unordered” type=”type13″]Title: African Safari Location: Chesher, CT, USA Facilities: Children’s room Dimensions: 354” x 950” [/list] Painted for a 3 year old boy’s playroom. This mural created warm sand walls with different animals surrounded by hundreds of butterflies flying on every wall in the room to give the feeling of lightness and joy. The…